3 Genuine Lemurian Crystals, Small Lemurian Quartz. Lemurian Quartz Points, 3 Lemurian Quartz Points

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This listing is for three (3) genuine Lemurian quartz points.

These are stock photos in which you will be hand selected a stone.
You will receive a stone that is similar to the ones pictured.

Average dimensions: 1-2" x 0.25-0.5" (dimensions vary slightly; each stone is unique).
Location: Brazil

I recommend researching these special crystals yourself! There is so much knowledge to be learned about these!
Lemurians were found around the turn of the millenium and was said to have been specifically programmed with vast knowledge, and buried by the Lemurians themselves. This crystal comes from an ancient civilization that existed millions of years ago named the Lemurians. They were believed to have been peaceful people that understood mother nature and all the creatures within it. The Lemurians programed these crystals with their spiritual knowledge and energy, then scattering them around the world to be found when needed.

Each order is packaged with love and care. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.