Crystal and Smudge Kit, Crystal Set, Smudge Set, Beginner Smudge Kit

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This listing is for one (1) crystal and smudge set.

What's included:
4" white sage bundle
Palo santo
4-5" abalone shell
Selenite stick
Black tourmaline
Clear quartz
Amethyst cluster

(rough stones are 1-2" and selenite stick is 3" - 4")

What is Smudging?
Sage is a sacred plant harvested for driving out negative energy and bringing balance to a space. Smudging is an ancient practice preformed by Native Americans and other cultures. The smoke that is let off from the sage is said to provide benefits including physical, mental and spiritual healing. You can use it to smudge your sacred space, your home or office, and even your body.

How to Smudge:
1. Open any windows or doors to allow the smoke to flow freely throughout your space and to the outside.

2. To begin, ask your "higher power," god, spirit guide to help you cleanse, heal and purify your space.

3. Hold a flame next to the bundle until it catches fire. Allow the flame burn for about 30 seconds. Gently blow the flame out. You can also place it on a heat-proof surface like an abalone shell to ensure the flame doesn't become too prevalent. You can re-light your sage bundle when and if needed.

4. Once the smoke is going, use your hand, feather, or your own ritual tool to direct the smoke up and over your body. You can do this from your feet up to your head and back down again. When smudging a room, start at a door or entry way. First, smudge the outside of the door. Come back inside and start smudging your space by moving in counter-clockwise motions (this technique is used to take the negative energy out of the space). As you do this, try to visualize the smoke removing any negative energy or darkness.

5. When you are finished smudging, place your smudge into a heat-proof surface, like an abalone shell. You can let this burn out or extinguish the stick completely.

Each order is packaged with love and care, if you have any questions, feel free to message me.