One of Everything Crystal Set, 3lbs of Raw Crystals, 40+ Rough Crystals

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This listing is for one (1) "ONE OF EVERYTHING" crystal set.

This set includes 40-45 of our best selling rough stones! 
3+ pounds of raw stones!

Perfect gift set for beginners or children!

Stones pictured: selenite rose, selenite, quartz, moonstone, chevron amethyst, lepidolite, amethyst, indigo gabbro, aquamarine, blue calcite, angelite, sodalite, apatite, fluorite, green calcite, green aventurine, kambaba jasper, fuchsite, chrysocolla, amazonite, ruby in fuchsite, chrysoprase, green opal, rose quartz, rubellite, ruby in kyanite, orange calcite, citrine, yellow jasper, septarian, ammonite fossil, tigers eye, carnelian, peach aventurine, leopard jasper, fire quartz, red tigers eye, red calcite, red jasper, dalmatian jasper, petrified wood, desert jasper, smoky quartz, rhodonite, hematite, pyrite, obsidian, black tourmaline

Try to identify all the stones in the box! Our Etsy shop will help you identify all the stones in the box. This set will include a list of all the possible stones you can get.
Please message me with pictures of stones you need help identifying and I will be glad to help!

Average dimensions of stones: 1" - 2" 

Note: this set is always changing due to stone quantities.