Custom Bracelet Set, Intuitive Crystal Bracelet Set, Mystery Crystal Bracelet Set

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This listing is for one (1) intuitively selected crystal bracelet set. Healing cards included.

Use the drop down bar to select the amount you would like to spend.

As the price goes up, we like to include higher quality or rarer stones. If you would like more bracelets instead of quality, let us know! If you would like quality over quantity, let us know that too!

Feel free to leave notes! You can let me know anything you would like or need (note that nothing is guaranteed depending on our ever changing stock). For example, chakras, feelings/emotions, birthdays, zodiac signs, specific stones, etc.

Type of bracelets included: chip bracelets, 4mm round, 8mm round, braided macrame bracelets. In the higher price points you may see bracelets up to 12mm round.

$15: minimum 3 bracelets

$25: minimum 5 bracelets

$50: minimum 5 bracelets, up to 10 bracelets! (this is where quality comes into play, if you would like quality over quantity or vise versa). LET US KNOW!

$100: minimum 8 bracelets, up to 15 bracelets!

Please see Tiktok videos for examples.

Each order is packaged with love and care. If you have any questions, feel free to message us!

We source ethically! All of our bracelets are custom made.