About Us

We are Hannah and Andrew, the owners of Moon Mountain Gems! We established our shop, Moon Mountain Gems, in 2017 and we have been growing ever since. We are located in Flemingsburg, Kentucky, where we both grew up and currently reside. We recently got married in July of 2020 (wasn't that a year) and now run the business together! Crystals and gemstones are something that we are both very passionate about. My enthusiasm for crystals started when I was very young. I would collect whatever "crystal" I saw...even if it was just gravel. Being in the crystal scene for several years now, I've learned a thing or two about them.  I can guarantee that when you shop with us, you are purchasing authentic gemstones. 

We travel the country going to gem shows and crystal warehouses to source the best for you guys! We only provide ethically sourced crystals and gems. We also find the best deals for you so you don't have to search! 


If you have a shop or business, check out our wholesale page. We can stock your shop with everything you need to get started or to keep your business flourishing!


Contact info: 

Instagram: @moonmountaingems