Mighty Littles Set, Moldavite, Opal, Grape Agate, Lemurian Quartz, Shungite, Aquamarine, Mini Crystal Set

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This listing is for one (1) Mighty Littles crystal set.

Stones Included:
2g piece of moldavite
1-2g piece of Ethiopian opal
Elite Shungite
Lemurian quartz point
Grape agate cluster
Your choice of a silver or gold cage pendant

These are stock photos in which you will receive hand selected stones. Each set is curated by hand and with intention in mind.

All specimens are under an inch except for the lemurian point which will average 1.25-1.75". Everything else averages 0.5".

Each order is packaged with love and care. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out via message or email.