Edition 2 Crystal Healing Deck, Crystal Card Set, Healing Information Cards, Crystal Tarot Deck

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This listing is for one (1) crystal healing cards deck (EDITION 2).
Edition 1: You can find this one already in our shop!
Edition 3: out now!
Edition 4: coming this summer

We have worked very hard to bring you a set of healing cards for all of your stones!
We have researched each stone through books, healers, and online sources.

What's on each card?
-Chemistry - the crystalline formula. Some may have FACTS about the crystals, some may have the different appearances they might have.
-Beneficial for - things that the crystal might be good for in regards to mental, spiritual, and physical health.
-Healing properties - research and personal experience that we have combined into healing info.
The back is left blank so you can write your own experiences or notes about the stone!

A perfect set for beginners or experienced healers!

How to use: These are designed to be used how YOU want to. They have several uses, but you are your own healer and educator.
You can use it like a tarot card deck where you can lay them out, and ask the universe a question. You can select a card or several from the deck and that is the one you work with.
You can also use these to keep track of your collection as it grows! Or to decide what you need in you collection. There is no right or wrong way to use them!

Edition 2 stones included: rhodochrosite, charoite, snowflake obsidian, botswana agate, K2 jasper, kammererite, goldsheen obsidian, serpentine, ruby zoisite, dragonblood jasper, sugilite, nephrite jade, mookaite, kambaba jasper, amber, indigo gabbro, thulite, fuchsite, iolite, emerald, ruby, Ethiopian opal, kunzite, morganite, green opal, rubellite, stromatolite, seraphinite, astrophyllite, eudialyte, covellite, petalite, grape agate, blue chalcedony, peridot, sapphire, hypersthene, diamond, mangano calcite, epidote, aragonite, scolecite, blue aragonite, phosphosiderite, stichtite, blue scheelite, black kyanite, pietersite, chalcopyrite, larimar.

Each order is packaged with love and care. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.