Dalmatian Jasper Cabochon, Quality Dalmatian Cabochon, 25g or 100g Dalmatian Cabochon, Wholesale Dalmatian Cabochon

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This listing is for one (1) Dalmatian jasper cabochon.
Cabochons are usually used in making jewelry. The fronts are polished and the backs are cut flat (but not polished). Some people will use cabs as worry stones or pocket stones (just like tumbles).

-Use the drop down to choose your size in grams. The 100 gram option is a bulk listing and you will get a good amount of cabs. The price per gram also goes down when buying in bulk. Refer to the third picture for this option.
-With the 25g size option you will receive 3-5 cabs (depending on size). Refer to the second picture for an example of a 25g lot.

Average dimensions: 2cm - 4cm (this is at the longest point; length).

This is a bulk listing, meaning, we will hand select you beautiful cabs.

You can requests to have smaller or larger cabs (just make a note to the seller at checkout).
If you wish to select your own cabs, expect to add days onto the shipping time. Once you place your order you will leave a note at checkout that says you would like to select your cabs, or you can contact us before placing the order.

Each order is packaged with love and care. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

Supply Chain:
1. Miners sell the raw stones to a lapidary.
2. Lapidary polishes the stones and sells directly to Moon Mountain Gems
3. We sell directly to you!
We source ethically! We make sure that factory workers have safe conditions and are paid fairly.